10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners Starring Lara Hudson

10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners
Starring Lara Hudson

Technical Aspects
Good Points
  • Good for those with a very demanding or irregular work schedule.
  • 10 Minute Solution allows you to program the number and order of the five 10-minute workouts in whatever sequence you like. i.e. 10-50 minute workout.
  • Covers core, lower body, upper body, total body combo and a long and limber stretch section.
  • The instructor Lara Hudson is a Pilates Method Alliance Gold Certified Instructor and is pleasant, motivating and not over-bearing.
  • Easy to follow for absolute beginner or those re-starting Pilates whilst enough for those who have been learning for a while.
Possible Issues
  • Pilate purists often comment that the 10 Minute Solution Pilates series demeans the sophisticated and complete system devised by Joseph Pilates. They feel that the segmented pick n’ mix type approach of this series runs counter to Joseph Pilates methodology and philosophy i.e. Pilates workout should be smooth/flowing without stopping and performed in a specific sequence with the ultimate goal of perfecting each move.

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