Classical Pilates Technique With Peter Fiasca Review

Classical Pilates Technique –
The Complete Mat Workout Series English & Spanish
(Modified Basic – Basic – Intermediate – Advanced – Super Advanced)
Starring Peter Fiasca

Technical Aspects
Good Points
  • This DVD serves to preserve the original, classical method where each exercise is performed flawlessly, in real-time and in correct sequence. It’s not watered down, slowed down or commercialized; it’s just Pilates the way Joseph Pilates created it.
  • Directed by Peter Fiasca who trained with 1st generation Pilates Master Romana Kryzanowska and features two of the most renowned Pilates professionals in the world, master instructor Bob Liekens and commentator Alycea Ungaro.
  • Excellent longevity going from basic to very advanced making the DVD very good value for money.
  • Quick and effective workout.
  • “Pilates: Bodies in Motion”, by the DVD commentator Alycea Ungaro makes an excellent handbook for visuals and explanations to accompany the DVD.
Possible Issues
  • Rather bland, dated setting for some; although it helps keep distraction to a minimum.
  • Voiced-over by someone with a slight accent; this is no problem for most people.
  • Some people feel that it is too fast paced in places which requires them to review the section in order to keep up with the instructions. However, this DVD does give an excellent workout and produces results.
  • Technical explanations regarding the muscles being used, core breath control and advice for very inflexible people could be fuller for the absolute beginner.

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