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The sheer number of Pilate DVDs on the market makes choosing the most appropriate one for your needs and budget daunting. It is especially difficult at the start of learning Pilates, given that the student lacks both the knowledge and a clear overview of those aspects which are most important.

The standard of DVDs for Pilate beginners is highly variable, therefore PilatesForBeginnersDVD.com created its DVD catalogue sourcing only the best ones available.

Factors considered when compiling such a list included the:
• Structure and pace of teaching.
• Importance placed on correct technique.
• Ability of the teacher to convey instructions in a concise but personable manner.
• Quality and longevity of the material contained in the DVD.
• Enjoyment factor.
• Feedback from students who had actually used the DVDs.

We have had a number of requests asking us to pick a few DVDs from our DVD Catalogue that would be worthy of closer inspection, in order to make the process of choosing a Pilates for Beginners DVD even easier. New reviews will be added on a regular basis so check back soon.

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