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Accessories that will prove useful to accompany a Pilates For Beginners Dvd. To help you decide on the most appropriate product for your needs, we have included up-to-date prices, information and have arranged the accessories into the following categories:

Pilates Mats: US / Canadian Customers
Pilates Mats: UK / EU Customers


Stott Pilates Express Pilates Mat
Thicker than a yoga mat to protect the spine and designed specifically for Pilates exercises, this ribbed foam mat features integrated Velcro straps that allow the mat to be quickly rolled up and secured for compact storage. The mat measures 70 inches long x 21-3/4 inches wide x 3/8 inch thick.
Average Customer Review
4.9 out of 5 stars (15 customer reviews)

AeroMat Elite
The Aeromat Elite Premium Dual Surface Exercise Mat features one ribbed side and one smooth side. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Great for Pilates mat exercise, fitness, and daily workouts. Features many characteristics of more expensive mats but is economically priced. Made of Phthalates free PVC closed-cell foam.
Average Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer review)

Harbinger 340902 Anti-Microbial Pilates Mat
Made from exclusive 5/8-inch-thick, closed-cell anti-microbial Durafoam, this Harbinger mat is ideal for stretching, Yoga, floor exercises, and Pilates. The mat offers a "double thickness" construction that makes floor workouts more comfortable, along with a moisture-resistant skin that's easy to wipe down. The mat's nonskid ridges meanwhile, keep you from slipping during your workouts by gripping the floor securely. Most importantly for long-term use, the Durafoam material prevents bacterial growth and odor, so your mat will stay as healthy as you do. The mat--which includes a removable strap for easy transport and storage--measures 72 inches long by 24 inches wide.
Great for stretching, Yoga, floor exercises and Pilates
Average Customer Review
3.5 out of 5 stars (22 customer reviews)

Body21 Studio Quality Exercise Mat
Body21 Pilates Exercise Mats are studio quality made to be durable and soft for a comfortable and portable workout surface anywhere it's needed. They are perfect for Pilates exercise and give a soft touch and firm support for any floor exercise workouts.

Savasa for Women Eco Pilates Mat
Eco Pilates Mat Created for Women. Work your core muscles on this mat and know you're doing something good for you and the environment. Our Pilates mats are made from non-toxic and bio-degradable materials. Mat comes in two reversible color options and includes a mat carrying strap.

Harbinger Eco Fit Exercise Mat
Perform your downward dog in full eco-friendly comfort with the Harbinger Eco Fit exercise mat. The mat is made of 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable Eco-foam, a closed-cell foam that's 25 percent lighter than traditional foam but still provides the same level of thick cushioning. This makes the mat easier to carry and store without sacrificing performance. The mat is made even more comfortable through its dual layer design, which increases the cushioning to 3/8 inches without sacrificing traction. In fact, the second layer has nonskid traction ridges to prevent slipping, while the innovative top layer includes a patterned surface that lessens the chance of injury and strains. Warm and comfortable to the touch, the Eco Fit mat also wipes down quickly for easy cleaning. The mat--which includes a removable strap for storage and transport--measures 72 by 24 inches.
Average Customer Review
4.7 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

Stott Pilates Deluxe Pilates Mat
The Deluxe Pilates Mat provides soft, resilient cushioning for comfort, safety and protection against injury. Perfect for pilates, yoga and stretch & strength.


Pilates-Mad Core-Fitness Mat
Pilates-Mad Core-Fitness Mat is an ideal Pilates or exercise mat for those on the move, or for Studios tight on storage space. The NBR foam offers excellent cushioning and memory, yet the mat weighs a little over 1kg making it light enough to carry around.
The mat comes complete with a removable shoulder straps that holds the mat rolled up for easy storage and transport. Closed cell foam is non absorbent & wipe clean.
Average Customer Review
4.8 out of 5 stars (9 customer reviews)

Golds Gym Ribbed Comfort Rubber Mat
Golds GymGolds Gym Ribbed Comfort Rubber Mat Green with Carry Straps
Made of super durable closed cell foam that feels soft and warm to the touch
High-tech design delivers all the shock absorption and comfort of much thicker mats
Generous 73" (185 cm) length allows full body extensions
Take it to class: velcro carry strap provides easy portability
Average Customer Review
4.7 out of 5 stars (7 customer reviews)

66fit NBR Pilates Mat
Soft and comfortable 10mm mat which rolls for easy transport and storage.
Top side ribbed, bottom side smooth.
Closed cell foam
Non absorbent & wipe clean
Colour: Blue
66fit Logo printed on mat and bag
Material: NBR - DOP, AZO, Heavy Metal, & Phenol Free
Size: 10mm x 181cm x 60cm
Weight: 1000g
Average Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars (2 customer reviews)

Casall Black Pilates Mat
The Pilates Mat from Casall is a black mat that rolls up making it easy to store. Great for use at home or at a pilates class.
Dimensions: 185 x 61 x 1.5cm
Weight: 998 g
Slightly ribbed on both sides
Comes without straps - provide your own for keeping rolled up.

66Fit Pro Exercise Mat
Professional Exercise Mat Which Is 17mm Thick
Designed to absorb impact and pressure, but resist water and dirt
Suitable for all types of exercise, rehabilitation, yoga, pilates and general gym work.
Lightweight, durable and ultra comfortable
Designed to absorb impact and pressure, but resist to water and dirt.
Features Include:
PVC free, non-toxic
Excellent capability of impact absorbtion.
Lightweight, durable and ultra comfortable.
Water washable hygienic surface.
High Insulation: Comfortable on cold under floor.
Easy to roll & carry to go.
Dual color and both side textured design.
Holes at one end for easy hanging.
Average Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

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