Pilates Health and Safety

Pilates is a ‘gain without pain’, low impact and safe form of exercise that has been tried and tested worldwide by millions of people for many decades. However, the following common-sense points should be considered:

  • The instructors on the Pilates for Beginners Dvds are qualified and very experienced. If you intend to follow up by taking lesson at a gym or fitness center, make sure that any teacher is properly qualified, as Pilates taught by someone unqualified may do more harm than good. Beware of instructors who call themselves certified having only undertaken a weekend course themselves. Do not feel embarrassed to ask questions before parting with your money. A  properly qualified instructor will be only too willing to show proof of their qualifications.
  • The health profession acknowledges the significant health advantages to be gained by taking up Pilates. For example, pregnant women who practise Pilates develop stronger backs, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles. Pilates usually helps negate back pain experienced in late pregnancy and assists the body to regain its shape following birth. Also, it is not uncommon for people in their eighties and well beyond to do Pilates on a regular basis to improve their quality of life. However, as a precaution, it would be prudent for pregnant women, children under 12, elderly people and those with existing medical conditions to seek professional medical advice before starting Pilates.
  • If you have any pain or discomfort stop exercise immediately. It is natural to feel the ‘afterglow’ of having exercised your body and, depending on the level of one’s fitness, this may last even a day or so. You will feel the effects of strengthening, stretching and toning your body. However, if one feels pain or discomfort anywhere during or after exercising, your body is telling you to stop in order to prevent damage. You may be exercising incorrectly or have an underlying medical issue which will need to be assessed by a professional medical practitioner. If there is no health issues, reassess carefully the way you are practising the Pilates exercises. If you still feel pain, consider seeking the advice of a certified Pilates instructor to check your technique.
  • Before using larger pieces of Pilates equipment, you should always have the equipment demonstrated by a professional instructor who should then monitor you when using it. By its nature, such equipment is designed to increase resistance, therefore, correct and safe usage is extremely important to prevent possible serious damage to your body. Also, never use any Pilates equipment that is damaged or broken.
  • Use a Pilates mat of suitable material and thickness  in order to minimize any shock or impact to your body whilst exercising.
  • The information provided by PilatesForBeginnersDVD.com is educational and not a substitute for any medical or other professional advice. We can assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the information found on this site.
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